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Thanksgiving Banquet

The Thanksgiving Banquet is open to all those who attend Central. It is a buffet style dinner with the main course provided by the church, and salads and desserts brought by attendees. Tickets are free but seating is limited so please be sure you sign up by contacting the church office.

Food Instructions:

  • Last names A-O bring a salad for 8 people
  • Last names P-Z bring a dessert for 8 people (pre-cut if possible)
  • Drop all food contributions off at the trolley in the Fellowship Hall doorway as you arrive. We have a salad crew that can dress your salads close to serving time.
  • Put your name on containers that you want returned and please collect at end of the evening.
  • DO NOT bring serving spoons and forks as they can disappear quickly. We have enough serving spoons, tongs, etc.


Tickets are available in the lobby on Sundays, or from the office during the week. Seating capacity is limited so sign up soon. If you have a ticket but are unable to attend, please cancel your ticket and make the space available to someone else.