The primary way we seek to help men grow as followers of Jesus is through Community Groups.  While CGs include both men and women, groups often grow in such a way that men end up connecting with other men (during CG time and after) in order to support and help each other work through what it means to follow Jesus as a man.

Community Groups

  • We are encouraging men to join or even start a Community Group.  Please contact Pastor Phil at if you need assistance finding a men's Community Group.
  • A weekly men's Community Group alternates between on Zoom on Wednesdays and Saturdays at the church. For further information, contact

Men's Retreat

  • Where: Camp Qwanoes
  • When: November (click here for exact dates)
  • Relax & Enjoy! Join other men for this unique opportunity of spiritual enrichment and personal encouragement. This quality weekend is designed just for you...a time for reflection, growth, and from everyday distraction and clutter. We look forward to welcoming you. Register Here