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Do you need help or support?

If you are self-isolating and do not have friends or other church community who are able to support you (e.g., bringing groceries and other essential items), please click the link below. We would love to care for you as best we are able.

I Need Support


Can you provide help or support?

If you are a part of our church and are willing and able to serve those who may need help (running errands, making deliveries, etc.), please click the link below.  We would love to connect you with someone in need as best we are able.

I Can Provide Support


COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our everyday lives.  While there are many implications that we need to carefully navigate, we are aware of the unique opportunity to share the love of God through our lives and actions.  In this moment, we can represent Jesus by being:

  • Salt | preserving what is good
  • Light | sharing the hope and assurance found in Christ
  • Love | caring for our neighbours as we would ourselves  

It may be as simple as a smile to a worried face in the grocery store, as practical as picking up necessities for someone who can’t get out, or as loving as a personal phone call to check in on your neighbours or others you know who are isolated for various reasons. The possibilities are many!  

Every act, no matter how small, done in the name of Jesus is an action done towards him and will have profound impact (see Matthew 25:40).  


How can you love those around you?  

Think about your circles:

  • Physical (Neighbours, co-workers, day-to-day interactions)
  • Personal (Friends, family, social groups, children’s school friends and family, etc.)
  • Professional (Team members, employees/employers, network connections, medical and emergency workers, government workers, etc.)
  • Virtual (Social media connections, followers, etc.)      

Think about the vulnerable:

  • The elderly and the shut-ins
  • Those with underlying health issues
  • Those self-isolating for other reasons
  • Those without access to daily needs  

Then do something to show the love of Christ:

  • Make a phone call to check in and ask if help is needed
  • Offer to pick-up and drop-off needed supplies for those who can’t
  • Offer to pray with someone
  • Look at someone in the eyes and smile!
  • Consider volunteering at local service agency
  • (Fill in your own idea)  


Then share with us your ideas and stories of what you’re doing or have done. We’d love to share some of them in upcoming sermons and communications. We can encourage and inspire each other to show love in ways we may never have thought of otherwise!   Send your stories to [email protected]    

Want to grow in your ability to care?  

Want to learn more about what it means to care as a follower of Jesus? Consider going through our Care Primer workbook.

Care Primer Wookbook