In compliance with WorkSafeBC guidelines for faith-based organizations, Central Baptist Church has developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan. The following measures are a basic overview of the safety plan. For full details, please contact the church office.

December 8 UPDATE: All gatherings are suspended until further notice.

Please do not enter the building if:         

  • You have any cold or flu-like symptoms no matter how minor         
  • You have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms or tested positive for Covid         
  • You have travelled internationally in the last 14 days  

Enhanced safety measures:

  • Hands free sanitizer is available in all high traffic areas. We ask everyone to use this upon entry into the building.
  • Masks are required when distancing of 2 meters is not possible and during Sunday gatherings when entering or exiting the building.
  • Extra cleaning measures are in place to sanitize areas of the building that are occupied.  

Limited access to the church building:         

  • Sunday gatherings are limited to 50 attendees or less. Pre-register is required to be allowed entry.        
  • Only staff and authorized volunteers are allowed in the building beyond reception during the week.         
  • Many staff members are working from home to minimize contact.         
  • The parkade is closed to the public.        
  • Individuals experiencing any symptoms of illness, including but not limited to COVID-19 symptoms, are asked not to the enter the building.  

Physical distancing is being maintained:         

  • Signs encouraging 2 meter distancing are posted         
  • Capacity limits have been posted for all areas of the church         
  • The window at office reception remains closed at all times        
  • Walkways in Sunday gathering spaces are clearly marked to keep distance from those seated         
  • Both outside and inside the building 2 meter distant markings on the ground/floor to aid with line ups         
  • Plexiglass barriers are in place at Sunday registration tables         
  • Seating for Sunday gatherings is pre-set with 2 meter distance between seating groups (max 4 per group), and 3 meters distance from speakers